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Edward Gonzalez Technician at Ed Gonzalez
all snap on scanners are over priced and can not do what many others can . I opted for an altel maxsys elite. comes with the j2534 and 2 years free update. can do many initiations on replacement modules and alot of bmw programming. good size screen and can do some upload/download program replacements. all for 2500$. updates if kept for more than 2 years is 850$. also supplied tech help - has some issue with vw key program and they helped me fi Read more...
Steve Guest Technician at Workshop foreman,Golds Garages
I purchased a verus edge and I am not happy with it at all, I’ve had an EML on a vehicle illuminated yet the scanner says no codes ??? but trying other scan tools the code was there, I’ve had a Nissan where it wouldn’t read the engine computer yet if you did a full code scan it was there, I’ve also had it give me the run around with an SRS problem which it said was the drivers airbag and it turned out to be the passenger airbag, this is really no Read more...
James Mason Owner at All Car Shop
At first the Verus appeared to be an asset, since it contained wireless internet, wireless communication to the vehicle module, 4 channel lab scope, image capture and so many other features. But it soon became apparent the typical $300 cell phone offers the same capabilities, so that doesn't justify the expense itself? Then considering the outdated processor, 500k memory capability and ancient hard drive system? Long boot up times, constant glitc Read more...
Fatih Tinaz Owner/Technician at Bertin Automotive
I had verus pro then I moved up to verus edge. Both Poor value for the money. Multiple glitches and bloody slow. I like the scope. Last time I buy Snap-on scanner. I only buy factory now and what a difference when your tool does what you need. Fed up with reaching dead ends using am scanners.
Brian Swenson Technician at Christian Brothers
Had my verus pro for 3 years now with virtually no problems until last 16.4 update. Called tech line and they helped me out and haven't had any problems since. The only real complaint I have is every 6 months the $1000 update.
John Wood Owner/Technician at John's Auto
I have one for about 3 years it would not turn on once in the first month my dealer got it fixed with 1 week after that no issue , I think it should do more for the price , the pc is to slow , but it is a ok scanner ,I also have a borsch kts340 which is a peace of crap ,if I don't up date it stop work plus many more problem, I have tried l launch x 431,regular and pad it is ok on European and Asian not USA made. I will keep my verus pro .
Stephen Spaulding Owner at Stephen Spaulding
ihad it for a year now and its been out 3 times to be repaired its good when it works but that's hit or miss , I contacted snap on directly and got nothing but a run around , my local dealer got it resolved but now I'm so leery of it and I don't trust it , and ide never buy snap on dio again , especially how the corporate acts like they just don't care , 11grand and I couldn't get them to do any customer service only reason I give it a 1 is c Read more...