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Anthony Ivankovich Technician at Anthony Ivankovich
I've had the BT608 for a little under two years -as well as the additional accessories. It is used on all services -about a few hundred vehicles so far. Fantastic tool -when it works. I've had intermittent problems with the software and the tool automatically shutting down while printing. It was sent back for repairs once, but they found nothing wrong. The printer then started printing a line of gibberish that their tech line could not figure out Read more...
Robert Smith Technician at Sun-Mark Automotive
I too have one of these, I how ever am not as pleased with it. To start with, you Must buy the add on for additional $$$$$ in order to do a complete battery/charging system test. Now with this purchase you will NOW get the ability to do a Draw Test. You will also get more thigs to Store and to Break.
Bryan Brickson Owner at Kent Auto Repair
MaxiBAS BT608 | Autel

I bought this a few months ago because my battery/ alternator tester had an occasional glitch that it would shut off before completing the test. The techs don’t use it much but experience with it is very good. It has many capabilities and features that you wouldn’t expect and I will probably not list everything. Read more...