Average Rating
John Stellus Owner/Engineer at Shalom Auto Clinic
Good tool--had to change the laptop and misplaced the software cd--hard to get a copy from anywhere--customer service not very helpful.

Jeffrey with ATS Escan saw my comments and called me. He remoted in to my laptop and walked me through the download. Tried it on a vehicle and found out that I had my drivers for usb needed to be updated since it was having problems. This was a problem with my laptop and had nothing to do with the Escan softw Read more...
Matthew Leonard Owner/Technician at Leonard Automotive
I find it hard to believe you have had poor customer service. They have always been top notch for me. great tool and great service for many years.
Mark Olinyk Owner/Technician at TeckMaster Mobile Service
This is quite the unique tool. When you understand how to gather the data and analyze it, its a very structured approach for the driveability problems. I am still trying to master the analysis of the tool but when you understand it, it makes things easier. This tool helps cut diagnostic time by a bunch. More techs should witness the power of this tool cause there is no other like it. For example, to look at fuel trims and the MAF data, one can Read more...
Anthony Lucido Owner/Technician at CoAuto
The go to tool for drivability and fuel trim diagnostics. Gather loads of data in a simple test drive, save and analyze when you get back to the shop. Automotive test solutions has the go to tools for diagnosing vehicles quicker. Mapping the fuel trims and performing the volumetric efficiency test are two of my favorite functions of the tool. They have a new version which can measure acceleration, deceleration and a relative compression test, Read more...
Rod Van-Zeller Technician at Marks Auto Repair
EScan is the tool for intelligent mechanics. The first step in a diagnostic process is to base line the basic operations ,if the warm up cycle is not proper the fuel map gets skewed. With EScan you can start the diagnostic process by performing a correct coolant temp warm up cycle verification. Next you perform a test drive plotting fuel trims through the load ranges and verify volumetric efficiency. With this information alone you have the dir Read more...
Richard Kahl Owner/Technician at Richs Automotive
Once again Auotmotive test soloutions hits it out of the park. This tool truly works for you , It was designed to fix cars. I have a two shops with over 15 scan tools with five of them oe tools. Escan pro is the first one i use with any drivabilty problem with in the first test drive I have the necessary direction to diagnose and repair the vehicle. Great people, Great tools I would recommend them to everyone.