Average Rating
Andrew Libert Technician at Continental Imports
I have the 3/&" one. It went to bleep in less than six months and has always had a burning electronics smell when operating.

Today I use it in place of a 1/4" gun simply because the batteries died on my makita.
Tim Jones Technician at Fine Tune Repair Service
ive had tool for about two years now and ive had to have it warrantied over 5 times. i'm not hard on my tools so its the tool. they have had several flaws with triggers and and brake. the 3/8 impact tool i also have and it works flawlessly. 1/2 i havent had any luck with
Stephen Malfatti Owner at Finish Line Performance
Dont buy one, period. Within the first 10 months, the torque was diminshing. Even though it was under warranty, I had to pay to ship it back to SoCal. They warranteed the motor, and one month later the switch went out. Again, I paid to ship it for repairs. I then called the rep and told him how useless this tool has been. They replaced the entire gun, but again after a year its not working as well. Im not a tire changer, so its not like I use th Read more...
Anatoliy Lobasyuk Technician at Hawthorne Auto Clinic Inc.
Great Tool, works awesome, works flawlessly until warranty expired and switch failed. Bought a new switch failed again with in 2 months. Trying to warranty the second switch. But I don't think they will warranty it. One fault this impact still uses brushes and maybe Ingersoll Rand should have 5 year warranty like Milwaukee does, just my opinion.