Average Rating
Pete Remner Technician at Auto Service Specialists
I thought this was a gimmick until I used one. Works exactly as advertised, zips the infamous Honda crank bolt out like it was a lug nut.
Stephen Malfatti Owner at Finish Line Performance
Works fantastic. Blows those honda crank bolts right out. Check yours if you get it from AZ, mine had a crack right though it. Easily was shipped another one
Allen Stephenson Technician at Diagnostics on Wheels
How I wish these were being made about 20 years ago!!!!

It's a simple yet brilliant idea...19 mm two pound impact socket for breaking free crank pulley bolts. The extra mass truly makes a difference in the effectiveness: think "bigger hammer". Read more...
Duane Jones Owner/Technician at Foothills Auto Repair
Purchased this socket after using a fellow tech's socket. Works very well and have yet to come across a balance bolt I couldn't remove with this socket and my Milwaukee high torque 1/2" gun.