Average Rating
John Lee Consultant/Manager at Alldata
If i could give less stars, i would. The worst investment I ever made. It looks cool, and pricing is great for initial purchase and updates but that's where it stops. Slow, clunkie and worthless. Iv been using various scan tools over my 31yrs as a tech and this is by far on my list of bad scan tools. BUT in its defense, it does have some pretty cool ad-dons. I purchased the Scope leads, Bore scope and charging system leads, All work well. Again Read more...
Kevin Manuel Owner/Technician at Syntech Motorsports
For the price this tool is good. If you're a diagnostic shop I wouldnt recommend this to be your only scan tool but it definately wouldn't hurt being a backup or the tool you grab to pull codes for someone passing by. If you want more detail, feel free to contact me.
Morgan Wells Technician at Car-X
This rebranded Launch scan tool is overpriced, slow, has text written in poorly translated english, and is completely underwhelming compared to almost any other scan tool out there. I used it for a year and hated it.

"But wait" says the salesman, "there's plenty of features you won't find on a Snap On". Sure, there'll be a button for something you want to perform. But once you click said button, you'll be greeted with a screen that states, "Th Read more...