Average Rating
James Heaney Owner at Mid-Valley Auto & Truck Repair
Flagship one ecms are junk and customer service is worse. Waste of time and money DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!! Similar experience as others.
John Barnes Technician at Jb Auto
I went thru the same thing. I also got the impression that they did not stock much of anything. their warranty , service and parts are junk. I got pay-pal involved and finally got my money back. Avoid this firm. It's some sort of scam.
Stephen Spaulding Owner at Stephen Spaulding
We order a computer got it 18 days later , installed , wouldn't shift out of gear , called and called , no callback , finally they call and offer to replace said ide like a refund , was told no refunds so sent it back , got one 22 dats later put it in wont start , so we got a different local one , i called and complained over and over , and sent it back to this day no refund or credit now 6 month later
Robert Pleasanton III Technician at Automotive Diagnostic Solutions
Same experience! Ordered from them because they are close and I needed the pcm asap. I contacted them as soon as I ordered it and told them that I needed it ASAP and that I did not need it programmed. I have IDS and could program it myself. They claim that the order had already been submitted and I would have to wait at least a week before it would be shipped out. I honestly think that they don't even have computers in stock. When they get the or Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Reman ECU by Flagship One Inc.").
Steven McAtee Owner/Technician at Madison Auto Service
TERRIBLE!!! Do not buy from them! We paid for a computer on Dec 1, 2017. On Dec 13, we contacted them to ask where it was at. We received an email back stating that there was a delay and it would be 1 -2 more days before it even shipped! Finally we got it on 12/17. Installed it in our customer car on 12/18 and it DIDN'T WORK!!!! Contacted them, had to return it to get a new one. Fast forward to JANUARY 4th 2018, still didn't have the REPLACE Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Reman ECU by Flagship One Inc.").