Average Rating
Peter Plank Manager at Autotek Services
I HAVE used them on 2 occasions--and my biggest issue with them is lack of communication

i recently sent an ecm for a 2005 chrysler 300 to sia--reported in unrepairable after 2 weeks. I ordered a replacement from fs1 online --it took well over 4 weeks to get the finished product--this is my issue with them. Read more...
Cory Baer Technician at Elwoods Submarine Repair
I have gotten involved with individuals that have bought from fs1 and it's a circus. Most of the time I usually decline customers that order from them. I have delt with the phone personel, what jerks, no more . They have "300" people employed and are hiring @ $18.50/hr. Seems they spend all their $ on ads and Facebook comments and I'm sure a ton on USPS but none on Quality Control! I do programming and get a brick from time to time even from the Read more...
Larry Flowers Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at Flowers Automotive Specialists, Inc.
The worse company to buy from don't know why they still in business!! deal with them before sending a bad computer then has sent back then they send my old one back in its place and then would not want to deal with us figure we did not know what we were doing but at the end, they got us for 500.00 and no computer.Sorry could not give it a 0
Eric Orta Technician at A To Z
Flag Ship 1 I have purchased a few pcms with great result no issues . The last one was for a 08 Nissan Versa 1.8l I had to send it back 4 times including the old pcm so they can clone it and no good results I will put a salvage yard pcm before I deal with them again and their customer service is horrible I don't recommend it to anyone 👎Zero is really the rating they have earned this is what it is
Jeff Snyder Owner/Technician at Integrity Auto Care
Ditto all the other reviews. Deplorable cust. service. No reply to emails or phone messages. Ridiculously long wait to get the ECM that had to be returned due to having a problem. The second one came quicker, but what a hassle to get it resolved. Vehicle finally worked ok. I won't buy from them again.
Stephen Pirritano Owner/Technician at C & G Auto Repair Inc.
I would give them a zero star if I could. Same story as others ordered they said no problem we have it 7 days . Waited, called no response, e mail no response, finally I just back charged them. PayPal refunded money in less than a week. I dont understand these outfits, they dont want to lose a sale but their lies and poor service just drive you away. Its getting ruff at there for PCM's these companies just make it worse.
Kelly Garvey Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Kelly Garvey
Just to be fair, FS1 has been pushing to take over a fair chink of the reman ECU market, and as a result, for certain numbers they may end up being the only game in town. I found this on multiple occasions with some Powerstroke PCMs that have been obsolete for a decade, Cardone said none in stock, Ford dealer parts room laughed, but FS1 had them. We ordered 3 ECMs from them specifically because they had it when nobody else did. 2 of them were Read more...
Mike Payne Owner at Precision Automotive Service
jumped in that boat back in january for a pcm on a mazda tribute. finally received it 6 wks later after i tried to cancel the order. it was plug and play but misfired on 2 cylinders. determined misfire to be bad driver in pcm. trying to contact the company is a nightmare. contacted my bank to have charge reversed and learned that in banking there is a 120 day window for remedy like that and i had exceeded that. the only thing that saved me Read more...
Matt Griffin Owner/Technician at Griffs Automotive
Same as stated from other purchasers...They are lazy, have no idea what they are doing. Never ever ever ever order from them.
Terry Closson Technician at Daves Auto
had major problem with flag ship one, BEWARE OF FLAG SHIP ONE they are hard to deal with, poor communications