Average Rating
Michael Guerrero Technician at Airport Auto Center
Whats up with prodemand? Hasn't worked since friday. Does anyone have any info on the subject? I have been trying since friday to no avail it doen't even load all it does is say no internet connection which i know is a lie cause i am now and have been able to access other web pages, just not this one.
Alexandru Sepsei Owner at Autovision51llc
Dave is the most professional , knowledgeable and helpful individual ever, i have been hassling him for years with anything that i didnt know how to do myself and he always went way beyond to help me, from information to anything i ever needed , not once was he rude or impatient, thats why i will always use ProDemand Mitchell1 , good help is hard to get and Dave is a blessing to have working there
Richard Morin Owner at Motorcar Alternatives, LLC
My experience with ProDemand is largely good. I do have trouble finding things from time to time. The wiring diagrams are awesome. Anytime the info is not yet in the system I simply call in and within an hour it is emailed to me.
Charlie Payne Owner at RepairTech Automotive and DITY
Much like all of your shops we use Mitchell1 alongside ALLDATA Repair and Diag, and DirectHit. None of them are perfect. I tend to use ProDemand when to quickly shag down codes or groups of them. Likewise, finding an oddball component with the component locator is quick sometimes. ProDemand also links in with the SnapOn scanner in manner for which I have no patience. The integration with the newest SnapOn scanner demo was impressive. Invoices Read more...
Tim Martin Manager/Service Advisor at Shertzer Lawn Care
I cannot agree with the comments of Mitchell1 being a bad company to deal with. I have been with them since 1996 and have had excellent service from them both with the product and with the customer service. I would wish that more companies would have the same customer service that Mitchell1 has. To me clear, when I call, I give my name, business name, location, account number, and then describe the problem I have. So far, in 26 years, I have call Read more...
Rick Back Owner at Car King Auto Care Center
Mitchell 1 as a company is absolutely horrible. Their customer service is non existent. The data is only right some of the time and they are lacking many procedures. European coverage is anemic. We have all very experienced techs and only need to look procedures up rarely. When we do, they are almost never there. We are considering dropping ProDemand all together as we mostly have to use Google anyway. Good luck if you decide to get involv Read more...
Dmitry Tepelboym Technician at Tolker Auto Service
Don't use this company!!! they are very expensive and not customer friendly. They will stick you with contract and overcharge you !!!!!
Tim Robinson Owner/Technician at RMW Automotive LLC
112 coconuts a month is extremely expensive for this non user friendly, non intuitive product. The more they try to fix it the worse it gets. It does not work seamlessly with the manager program. That's sad.
Bryan Russell Owner/Technician at Duffy's Auto Service
I wish they never created Pro Demand. I find it hard to navigate, hard to look up simple quotes on. What was wrong with Mitchell On Demand 5? I still use On Demand but they recently removed the search feature. I think to force us into using ProDemand even if we don't want to use it. Pro demand is hard on my eyes. I do not like the format at all. I know that there are many positives to it, but why can't we have both???
Mark Headley Owner/Shop Foreman at Mark's Expert Auto Service, Inc.
I don't like how it starts out by having you enter all the exact vehicle info then much of what you find isn't specific to the vehicle you're working on. The Pro-Demand has been a step backward from the previous Mitchell OD- I've used it since the multiple disc days. I liked how you could enter tech tips that show up at the heading of an issue youre working on. Now it's a convoluted mess. I rely on IdentiFix and Google more often.