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CReader HD Plus Launch Tech - Ricky McClintic, Technician at X-pert Automotive
Good product. Paid for itself in 1 use! Gives detailed codes and a wide range of Pids to help me in my diag.
Remote Assisted Programming Kit (RAP) Drew Technologies - Darren O'Gorman, Technician at Auto Analyzers
They are working out a few bugs, but it is only going to get better. The idea is solid and I am looking forward to doing Chryslers soon. Great company, good people.
Remote Assisted Programming Kit (RAP) Drew Technologies - Jim O'Neill, Owner/Technician at Chino Autotech
I've really just received my new RAP unit from Drew Technologies. I'm giving it 5 stars for the concept and implementation of what can be a real time saver for our shop. Our techs, skilled as they are, often avoid the flash programming of ECMs because of the necessity to stand-by like an E.R. doctor over a delicate patient. The warnings that accompany the instructions make some techs very nervous. Some manufacturers do not communicate their metho Read more...
MaxiCheck Pro Autel - Evan Warden, Technician/Shop Foreman at First Class Auto
This tool is great for quick diagnostics and way more thorough than a "code reader". It does have some bi-directional capabilities for ABS where applicable. I would give it a 5 star, but the fact that it advertises TPMS and in fact does not cover TPMS at all is a minus for this product. If they didn't advertise it for TPMS, then I would give it a five.
MaxiSys Mini Autel - Zachary Dean, Technician at Main Street Garage
Purchased this as my personal scan tool. I have the MS906 corded version. it has been working well for about a year now. The shop i work at has a Matco Maximus, Snap-On Verus, and a slightly older Launch X431. I would take the Autel over those any day! Other techs use my Autel much more often than I use the shop tools. This is by far the best scan tool for the Money!
Maximus Matco Tools - Morgan Wells, Technician at Car-X
This rebranded Launch scan tool is overpriced, slow, has text written in poorly translated english, and is completely underwhelming compared to almost any other scan tool out there. I used it for a year and hated it. "But wait" says the salesman, "there's plenty of features you won't find on a Snap On". Sure, there'll be a button for something you want to perform. But once you click said button, you'll be greeted with a screen that states, "Th Read more...
MaxiScope MP408 Autel - Ed Schaplow, Owner/Educator/Instructor at Allview Services Inc.
A nice scope to add to my maxisys elite. I really like the signal data bus decipher capability for tracking can network issues. Good value for a 4 channel automotive scope.
MaxiScope MP408 Autel - Greg Piquette, Technician at Riverside Automotive
Overall, I would not recommend. Only fully functional on the Maxisys Tablet, the PC software is far from user friendly and limited in functionality. The leads are cheap and clearly manufactured by Hantek and as such have poor shielding and are very prone to interference. The record function works sporadically at best. It does display cleanly and fast. The lack of a proper recording function or review able cache makes this a poor choice for ch Read more...
VT36 TPMS Sensor Activation and Programming Tool Ateq TPMS - Dennis Puczkowski, Owner/Technician at Best Dam Garage
Great tool for the price has worked on everything i tried it on.Best price i found was tire rack 265.00 free shipping.You may need to use in conjunction with your scanner on some vehicles.

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "VT36 by ATEQ TPMS").
H-10 Pro Bacharach - Steve Rapp, Technician at Kemberling Auto Sales & Service
We have 2 of these in our shop; one we bought new about 15 ago and is branded Yokogawa (before Bacharach bought the company), and the other is a Rotunda branded version of the same tool I bought used for myself off of eBay just to have a second one around during the busy season. They both work very well at finding even small leaks. You do need to replace the internal battery every 2 years or so, but if the battery is weak it will still wor Read more...