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Maximus Matco Tools - Alex Ewing, Manager/Technician at Tony and Brothers
I tried a demo Maximus a year ago and it was alright. I liked the scanner overall but not for the price point it was offered at. Well, I tried a demo unit again this year and got a lot of use from it this time around. I was offered to buy it at a competitive price and decided to jump on it. Not sure if older ones were Windows based but this Maximus 2.0 is Android based. I work exclusively on European cars and so far the scanner has done what I n Read more...
Giotto ScanTool AutoEnginuity - William Dean, Technician at William Dean
we had this tool at CarMax ,it was the worst scan tool I have ever used!The company spent a ton of money put them in each store.I had advised against buying it.The thing just collected dust.
System Smart Belt Education Display Gates - Ted Terra, Technician at Elec-Tech Auto Repair
Although this is a great display for customer education or to illustrate your discussion, you should think twice before having it on the counter. As a technician with a bit of an perfectionist streak (that or OCD), it drives me completely batty that the number of cogs on the cam and crank sprockets do not have the correct 2:1 ratio. Also, I can't find the alignment marks. If you can overlook these shortcomings, this is and absolutely excellent Read more...
PowerProbe 4 Power Probe TeK - Jordan Sillman, Technician at Jordan Sillman
This tool is super quick for many basic circuit problem. The long lead is handy to get you to the back of the car so every volt-drop test you do is referenced from the battery. The auxiliary negative wire has a female banana jack so if its time to break out a scope just plug in to that for a battery referenced ground anywhere. The high and low tones are great for cramped areas or wiggle testing harness or circuit activation where the screen can' Read more...
Giotto ScanTool AutoEnginuity - Lali Saran, Technician at A+ Auto Service Center
Bought this tool wore sever scan tool...It will not connect to ISO band properly will freeze. . Connected to see live data on Mazda and will go to Zero values on data automatically like it have been disconnected and you have to restart whole application from scratch and re select all the pids you was working before it goes to shut mode every two minutes . Wont connect to HYBRIDS ...they will blame you or vehicle and if you tell them hey I Borro Read more...
System Smart Belt Education Display Gates - Jeffrey Buckley, Owner/Technician at My Fathers Shop
These are the right size for counter display . Great for showing Be System Smart. Allows the customer see the different components the Belt turns . Shows how the Tensioner affects the system. Educates the consumer on the different accessories involved on their engine .
Retractable Air Hose Reels Gates - Jeffrey Buckley, Owner/Technician at My Fathers Shop
This reel assembly is half the weight of most Shop reels . This makes hanging and bolting down an easy one person job . It has A lighter hose which is hybrid polymer. Memory free means no kinks . A very quiet reel that retracts at a controlled speed. It has a moving guide that winds it evenly. I have been using this for a week and can't wait to replace a few more .
PowerClean Flush Tool Gates - Jeffrey Buckley, Owner/Technician at My Fathers Shop
This is a great tool to finish the proper repair of a cooling system. This pulses to break loose contamination in the cooling system. Easy to use - great for flushing out the heater core with included adapters. Use a bucket or large pan to capture waste fluid.
Maximus Matco Tools - Robert Rathbun II, Technician at Robert Rathbun II
This scanner is based off of Launch X431 software but uses a Windows platform. At the time I purchased mine, bluetooth connectivity was just starting to become mainstream. Compared to the earlier launch scanners its not half way bad. I like the fact there is a browser so I can leave it in the cradle at my toolbox and search for information on IATN or google while I am scanning the vehicle. The sensorbox option is great as it is a sensor emulator. Read more...
Verdict Snap-on - Lee Abel, Technician at Lee Abel
Picked this unit up to replace a stolen Solus Ultra. It came from Ebay and actually was 1 step higher in software. I have been using Snap On scanners since 06. So far I have had very few disappointments. I have been hoping Snap On would make one with an updated motherboard and newer Microsoft operating system. The unit for its size is useful and works just fine. It does need more memory but if your patient generally works fine. And the bluetoo Read more...