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77080 19mm Harmonic Balancer Socket Lisle - Allen Stephenson, Technician at Diagnostics on Wheels
How I wish these were being made about 20 years ago!!!! It's a simple yet brilliant idea...19 mm two pound impact socket for breaking free crank pulley bolts. The extra mass truly makes a difference in the effectiveness: think "bigger hammer". Read more...
Xtunner CVD-9 Idutex Technology - Matt Herold, Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at ALLDATA Tech-Assist
For what you pay and what it is I'm comparing this truck code reader with my ELM/Torque Pro I use for automotive. Both are strictly for phones and tablets. Both have a very small dongle that I keep in my pocket for convenience. The CVD-9 software is extremely slow, and will give some false information. At first I almost returned it, then I gave it another chance and it's mediocre at best. It will take anywhere form 1-5 minutes to connect wit Read more...
Maximus Matco Tools - Benny Powell, Technician at Benny Powell
Since i cant give it a no star the only purpose that scan tool is for a paper weigh its a shame that they advertise it can do this that and then some okay yeah rite
Fuel Modules Delphi Automotive - Robert Kos, Technician at Lincoln Garage
I am a stickler for OEM fuel system products. Occasionally availability or budget makes OEM impossible. In those cases I use Delphi without reservation. They are OE quality or OE reboxed units. Never an issue with a Delphi pump.
Maximus Matco Tools - Manuel Cid, Technician/Manager at Delta Auto Electric
I also have this tool. I had the screen replaced within the first six months due to unresponsive touch on right half of screen. Also, Battery was replaced shortly thereafter due to very quick discharge. The charging cradle was als replaced. Nowadays I just charge unit by connecting directly to charging port on unit itself bypassing charge cradle. My subscription expired by now but I get by with the Autel scanner which I think, is better. The Read more...
Maximus Matco Tools - Mike Steele, Owner/Technician at MPS Automotive LLC
I bought my Matco/Launch Maximus in 2016, over the years I have had serveral issues with my touch screen not being able to proceed to the next screen when I touch confirm at the lower right hand side of the touch screen. I have call Matco Tools and also talked to Launch about this issues I am having. They both said that they were taking care of this at no cost for a period of time. Funny thing though, I never was contacted by either entities. Read more...
Milwaukee M12 FUEL 3/8 Stubby Cordless Impact Milwaukee Tool - Gregory V Martin, Owner at GM Truck & Auto Service
I am very pleased with this tool. It is super portable and packs serious punch for its size. I use it every day and it holds up well. I recommend one to every technician. Also be sure to get the large batteries they have more power and also will stand up right. Nothing but heavy duty!!
Milwaukee M12 FUEL 3/8 Stubby Cordless Impact Milwaukee Tool - Joe Pierce, Technician at Greenbrier Auto Repair, LLC
I have the Milwaukee m18 3/8 impact and I would not trade it for the world its the bast inpact that I have used
Milwaukee M12 FUEL 3/8 Stubby Cordless Impact Milwaukee Tool - Francois Vezina, Technician at Wayne Toyota
Fantastic cordless tool, running on the M12 series of batteries. Enough power for day to day shop work, such as caliper bolt/pin removal, exhaust work, interior work, etc. Small enough to fit into tight spaces with comparable power to (3/8) air impact guns. Battery life is very good; with the 4.0AH battery, going a week between charges is not a problem, with the gun seeing fairly consistent day to day use. Battery life is less with the standard M Read more...
34988NI Premium 134a A/C Machine Robinair - Bryan Brickson, Owner at Kent Auto Repair
I have had this machine for a year now and it is a timesaver. After a couple of quick checks like system has pressure and compressor pumps the next thing I want is a known good charge. It is fully automatic, Once programmed it recovers, vacuums, leak tests and charges. Leak test ? Dye? yes or no. Oil 1 or oil 2? how much? I can walk away and come back in 30 minutes or 3 hours. If it’s charged it passed the leak test. Start the vehicle check opera Read more...