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ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Tim Robinson, Owner/Technician at RMW Automotive LLC
112 coconuts a month is extremely expensive for this non user friendly, non intuitive product. The more they try to fix it the worse it gets. It does not work seamlessly with the manager program. That's sad.
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Bryan Russell, Owner/Technician at Duffy's Auto Service
I wish they never created Pro Demand. I find it hard to navigate, hard to look up simple quotes on. What was wrong with Mitchell On Demand 5? I still use On Demand but they recently removed the search feature. I think to force us into using ProDemand even if we don't want to use it. Pro demand is hard on my eyes. I do not like the format at all. I know that there are many positives to it, but why can't we have both???
Verus Edge Snap-on - Fatih Tinaz, Owner/Technician at Bertin Automotive
Overpriced with many holes. 4 channel scope ok. Updates very expensive and fault descriptions are sometimes incorrect leading to misdiagnosis. Should be made in the U.S. for the money they charge.
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Mark Headley, Owner/Shop Foreman at Mark's Expert Auto Service, Inc.
I don't like how it starts out by having you enter all the exact vehicle info then much of what you find isn't specific to the vehicle you're working on. The Pro-Demand has been a step backward from the previous Mitchell OD- I've used it since the multiple disc days. I liked how you could enter tech tips that show up at the heading of an issue youre working on. Now it's a convoluted mess. I rely on IdentiFix and Google more often.
Verus Edge Snap-on - Michael Chevalier, Technician at Lia Toyota of Northampton
The tool is near the top as far as automotive scan tools are concerned. I'm very impressed with the everyday features of the tool (i.e. bidirectional controls, oscilloscope, and general ease of code scans and vehicle connectivity). The fact that the scanner runs on Windows 7 32 bit is a plus for ease of use. It makes the everyday user more familiar with the scanner. Since it is a full blown computer tablet, you can also install other brands of os Read more...
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Micheal Shewan, Owner/Technician at Mike Shewan Ent.
I think it is a waste of money . hard to find what you want . it is faster to google what you are looking for than to waste time looking on pro demand I am thinking of canceling my sub.
Verus Edge Snap-on - Eduardo Santana, Technician/Shop Foreman at Martens Chevrolet
Snap On Scan tools have always had the best speed in data capture and scan code reading. The Verus is not a speed demon when it comes to boot times and connecting to vehicle. But once your booted and connected its fast and with its easy user friendly interface using it is such breeze. Once its on I never turn it off I Just keep it on in its docking bay and It's ready to use every time, no down time waiting for it to boot. Sure it's not perfect wh Read more...
Mastertech VCI OEM Hardware Kit Bosch - Eduardo Santana, Technician/Shop Foreman at Martens Chevrolet
This Bosch MasterTech VCI unit has been the Best Investment I've made. I have had this unit for about a decade now, Since I 1st bought it at the beginning support with OEM's was a little poor, but as years passed it just got better. I also still have a outdated MasterTech MTS5200 Scan tool so with the included software that I've already had been familiar with its been awesome scan tool for older vehicles and a new OE J-Flash tool. And now with G Read more...
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Robert Ortolani, Owner at B&H Automotive Inc.
As the saying goes, bad news travels the world around before good news even leaves town, or something like that. I'll admit that when Mitchell had both OnDemand and ProDemand running concurrently, I was still using OnDemand more. Then when they pulled the plug on OnDemand, I found myself struggling with ProDemand. Seems like Mitchell "tuned-up" ProDemand, added features, etc, and I like it better than ever. However, the best part of the whole Mit Read more...
Digital Fuel Injection Grand Master Kit w/Digital Remote Gauge 48065 Hickok Waekon - Brad Slagle, Owner/Technician at Brad Slagle
Awesome tool. Best feature is the fact that instead of running a pressurized gauge out from under the hood while on test drives, only the wires connecting the digital gauge to the adapter have to be routed outside. No more test drives with the hood only partially latched to keep from pinching hoses. The set I have has the Duramax feed adapter for suction vacuum readings.