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Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM Programmed Plug&Play Flagship One Inc. - Matt Griffin, Owner/Technician at Griffs Automotive
Same as stated from other purchasers...They are lazy, have no idea what they are doing. Never ever ever ever order from them.
Repair Writer 4.5 SDR Software - Lee Lizarraga, Owner/Manager at ABC Auto Care
Repair Writer 4.5 and it's successor 5.0 are an awesome point of sale software. Used it for over 15 years and it has grown and updated very nicely. may be the easiest to use of all the POS systems out there. I've been incredibly happy with it for eons now. I know it's easy for people to say "mine is the best" so let me tell you why I'm qualified to opine on this one. I've tried Mitchel 1, Protractor, I've seen how my peers RO writer works and gu Read more...
Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM Programmed Plug&Play Flagship One Inc. - Terry Closson, Technician at Daves Auto
had major problem with flag ship one, BEWARE OF FLAG SHIP ONE they are hard to deal with, poor communications
Giotto ScanTool AutoEnginuity - Stephen Andersen, Owner/Shop Foreman at Lees auto repair
Its an absolute nightmare. I would only recommend this tool if it was priced at about $250. The amount of money they charge for incomplete software is crazy. From day one its been nothing but problems and false advertising. Doesn't do 60% of the things they advertise. When you call im for help a 2005 is an "vintage car" and may not be supported. Mobile is a joke. I just wish I could get a refund for this thing. Its no wonder all my owner friends Read more...
Pass Thru Assistant ( EETA314A) Snap-on - Richard Gehring II, Technician/Shop Foreman at Hunts Auto
I recently Purchased this unit with the understanding that I would do a good share of used component programming, it took 2+ months to arrive and when I attempted my first program of a used ecm for a dodge caravan , one of the first screens on the unit indicates it does do any used component programming, called in for a program appointment and found they could not program this ecm and they only can program GM and FORD used components!! I understa Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Pass Thru Pro 3 by Snap-on").
Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM Programmed Plug&Play Flagship One Inc. - Bryan Brickson, Owner at Kent Auto Repair
Same thing, it was defective. I had to send it back. 2 or 3 weeks past I had to buy a different one from a different supplier so I could give the customer their vehicle. I never got a refund. This was in the fall of 2018, I ran across these 6 other reviews.
Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM Programmed Plug&Play Flagship One Inc. - Scott Carter, Technician/Service Advisor at Imports Unlimited
DO NOT BUY from Flagship ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We purchased PCM , Salesperson gave a different number based on "their" software, supposed to be plug and play. It plugged, it did not play. We could communicate with module but could not Crank. It's been over three weeks unresolved. Won't answer phone. Passed to voicemail too many times.
Cordless Milwaukee Tool - Jerry A Dicker, Technician at Independent Automotive
the new Milwaukee cordless soldering iron is fantastic will never go back to butane iron agian buy one you will love it took it out in 3o degrees temp works perfect has three position tilting head and indicates when hot and ready and stays on while it cools down to let you know its still hot used it alot one day and when finished still had a full charge on battery 🔋
milwaukee M12 1/4" ratchet Milwaukee Tool - Dan Solomon, Owner/Technician at Solomons Auto and Truck Repair
the 1/4" M12 2456-20 ratchet is everything a 1/4" ratchet needs to be. my son purchased some of these Milwaukee products about 3 years back and I gave him much grief over purchasing a battery-powered tool over the air tools we had. after a while, I was using his and liked them so much I purchased several of their M12 Fuel-Tool lines. the Milwaukee tools have come a long way from the old (15 years) ago battery-powered tools and since using his I h Read more...
X-431 Pad Launch Tech - David Hodges Jr, Owner at David Hodges Jr
I have a Launch Pad II, I have been very happy with it for a couple years. It does a lot the other tools won't do, or it did. A few months ago they did some update and ever since then it fails to communicate with Chevrolet older vehicles. It will work fine on a 2018, failed on a 2011, two different 2005 years and most recently a 2006 Chevy equinox. The tool works fine on fords and several others including a BMW and a Jag. I have sent in feedback Read more...