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Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 FUEL High Torque 1/2 in. Impact Wrench Milwaukee Tool - Bryan Brickson, Owner at Kent Auto Repair
It’s Heavy, it’s pricey at nearly $500 with the big battery and charger. This tool is for when you need power, it has it. 1400 foot pounds and it seems like more compared to a 1200 foot pound air impact. It has 3 different power levels, The first time I used it with a torque stick on high. It would have quickly twisted the wheel stud right off with the torque stick in use. High is for removal only and it’s coming off now. Cordless or hose-less is Read more...
OEMTOOLS 87039 Universal No-Spill Oil Funnel Set OEM Tools - Stephen Konyndyk, Owner/Technician at Endurance Auto Repair and Tire
We are a multi line independent shop. We do roughly 5-7 Oil changes a day among our 3 techs. Some of the vehicles we service are a pain to fill, Subaru, Toyota, Honda Odyssey and Pilots. I searched and did not want to spend 40-60 for each funnel plus the space needed. I ordered 1 of these and tried and now have 3 of them as they are a big mess saver. Read more...
Maximus Matco Tools - Matthew Natter, Technician at Village Exxon
The scanner overall is fair as far as coverage and vehicle application. I purchased it with the TPMS tool which is not comparable with the scanner. Big downside!!!!! If and only if you can keep from breaking the contact pins on the charging station, which keeps you from charging the unit, I would give it one more star. For the price it's a good scanner. Do your research before you buy any scanner.
Lankar Pro Autogence - James Johnson, Owner/Technician at Glynn Diesel Service
I have used Lankar for many years now and have to say it is the smoothest shop management software I have seen. I purchased the system years ago, but they have a pay as you go setup now. I still pay a support fee each month, but it worth it for the peace of mind, computers being what they are. The few times I have had to use the support, it has been flawless. Very quick to respond, and quick to resolve the issue. I do backup my data every few hou Read more...
Vantage Pro Snap-on - Matthew Leonard, Owner/Technician at Leonard Automotive
One of the best diagnostic tools i have. It is my quick go to before i use my Escope. The connector views and component tests are at your fingertips quick. I think the scope and its capabilities are under estimated. My only problem is they do not make an update card anymore. All the files and recordings can be viewed on Shop Stream .
Vantage Pro Snap-on - Adam Czajka, Technician at Williamsburg Honda
Undeniably one of the most handy tools around. Especially with connector views, pin count, color coded wiring diagrams and how to both test a sensor, and what you should see if it's good. Very slick tool.
SocialCRM Mitchell 1 - Tim Robinson, Owner/Technician at RMW Automotive LLC
Expensive and the worst customer service I have experienced from any of the CRM company's I have used in the least 6 years. There is no transparency as to what gets sent to clients or when. They use a dashboard for after the fact contact. Lazy account managers with not much insight or creativity to our industry.
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Tim Robinson, Owner/Technician at RMW Automotive LLC
112 coconuts a month is extremely expensive for this non user friendly, non intuitive product. The more they try to fix it the worse it gets. It does not work seamlessly with the manager program. That's sad.
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Bryan Russell, Owner/Technician at Duffy's Auto Service
I wish they never created Pro Demand. I find it hard to navigate, hard to look up simple quotes on. What was wrong with Mitchell On Demand 5? I still use On Demand but they recently removed the search feature. I think to force us into using ProDemand even if we don't want to use it. Pro demand is hard on my eyes. I do not like the format at all. I know that there are many positives to it, but why can't we have both???
Verus Edge Snap-on - Fatih Tinaz, Owner/Technician at Bertin Automotive
Overpriced with many holes. 4 channel scope ok. Updates very expensive and fault descriptions are sometimes incorrect leading to misdiagnosis. Should be made in the U.S. for the money they charge.