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Encore OTC - Miguel Ibarra, Technician at The Star Auto
Good, missing a information, but does access quiet a bit of special test. kinda have to cross your fingers and hope the scanner can A. read the car, and B. be able to do the special test. Good first scanner for the price.
John Bean V3400 Alignment Machine Check's Muffler Center - Jeremy Spencer, Technician at Check's Muffler Center
Not accurate at all. Crooked steering wheels, wearing tires even when the machine says the numbers are dead on, inconsistent numbers (different numbers compared to other machines).
Verus Edge Snap-on - Joseph Craft, Owner at Craft's Auto Repair
Very slow in comparison to the Autel maxsys. If and only if I had never used the Autel would I thank this is a good tool. Very disappointed in my purchase of this tool.
Vantage Pro Snap-on - John F Kimmel, Technician at First Transit
Good 2 channel scope for starting out with. I purchased refurbished. Later purchased a Solus Edge. These two tools work well together.
MaxiSys MS908 Autel - Matthew Hencinski, Manager/Service Advisor at Finishline Cars
I agree this scan tool is a Great bang for it's buck. Had it for a year and it's been trouble free, It has its quirks but does a lot of things you wouldn't expect!
MaxiSys MS908 Autel - Colin Crittenden, Technician at Fountain Tire
I works with a lot of import, domestics. Our transportation authority likes the tool that it has a very large data base for vehicles. Tool is easy to use and not bad to navigate around. It dose do activation's, scan data, programming keys and fobs, installing modules, setting up certain modules (limited), etc have been using this tool for many years so far is good bang for buck, yearly subscription fee and get updates every week. I have to say i Read more...
Mentor Touch Scout Mac Tools - Mike Antee, Technician at Technician
bought this scanner over a year ago off ebay . its a rebaged otc encore. I can say that it is my go to scanner for quick diags and I have other brands as well as factory.. I use the record function on test drives, the screen capture is a plus for review the codes in front of my customers and the obd 2 is very good. the tech support is very helpful and they want input from the user..
Mentor Touch Scout Mac Tools - Terry Schnack, Owner at C.A.R.S.
Save your money and buy something else. Hard to beat a Snap-on or factory tool. I have had mine for a couple years. It's been sent back in at least three times for freezing up. There are a lot of functions not in this scanner that are in others. This is just a quick check type of scanner and is of no use for the difficult jobs. Just to note, I purchased mine from the Mac tool dealer. I have been using his loaner for over 8 months waiting for Read more...
Mentor Touch Scout Mac Tools - Ryan Petrukovich, Shop Foreman at Lakes and Rivers Contracting
Tool is ok, Does everything i would ever need and more. It is VERY slow though. Being my first "real" scan tool it got my foot in the door. after purchasing it i told myself i will never buy another OTC scanner again. that being said. buy this from OTC and save yourself some money. I would only buy from the mac guy if you are uncomfortable buying items like this online.
LoadPro100 Matco Tools - Brian Farmer, Technician at Performance Motors
This tool has fixed 5 cars that other techs failed to find the issue due to testing voltage on an open circuit. The most impressive find was for a Jaguar XJ6 cooling fan motor. Relay would click and the fan would not turn on. Checked voltage at fan connector using fan ground and that check showed 12.6v. Press the LoadPro button and the voltage dropped to 0V. Moved the ground lead to the chassis and got the same result = Issue is on the power side Read more...