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Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set Mastercool - Brad Slagle, Owner/Technician at Brad Slagle
Have had this set for many years now and can honestly say its been one of the best tools in my arsenal. Have used it to repair old brake lines and making a completely new set.
2In1 Combo Plier. Wire Stripper/Lineman Crescent - Kristopher Ridley, Owner at North Country Diagnostics
Crescent part #CCP8V I do a lot of wiring in my diagnostics business,the wire stripper /lineman combo is perfect. One less thing to carry around. The tool is very well designed and sturdy..if you are doing a lot electrical repairs theis are just what you want to buy..
77080 19mm Harmonic Balancer Socket Lisle - Duane Jones, Owner/Technician at Foothills Auto Repair
Purchased this socket after using a fellow tech's socket. Works very well and have yet to come across a balance bolt I couldn't remove with this socket and my Milwaukee high torque 1/2" gun.
Giotto ScanTool AutoEnginuity - Richard Merriman, Manager at Rick's Advantech Auto Repair
This is the only tool in the shop that could even make a connection with Porsche and most of the Jaguars. Tech support was very helpful. I had a ton of problems at one point until I realized the USB cord was going bad. The tech support guys sent me a free new one that was longer and much better quality. It has worked great since. I am going to invest the extra $ soon for the wifi plug. That should be the only one they sell now days! I bo Read more...
MaxxTraxx Scott Systems - John Chaplin, Owner/Manager at Metric Motorworks, Inc.
After reading the reviews of RO writer I felt compelled to review Maxx Traxx as the experience we have had is very positive overall. Have been running this program since 2006 and during that time it has crashed zero times. It has been up and running and available for our use every single business day for the last 12 years. It is very full featured, flexible, user friendly and affordable. Support is way better than average but I have had to u Read more...
MVDS - Multi-Vehicle Diagnostics Farsight - Elias Laow, Owner at Poway Imports
My rep Eric Edberg sold me my first launch about 12 years ago, since ive purchased two autologics, iscans and escopes...hes the best and when he suggested farsight i didnt hesitate...the tablet is very suited to auto related enviremonts. it comes with tech support and even j2534 support. these guys are in bed with opus and autologic so they are the future of remote service and assistance. give em a call.
R.O. Writer Progressive Automotive Systems - Norm Spurgeon, Owner at Norm's Auto Repair
I would have to mirror the comments stated by Danny from Canyon Automotive. We changed from NAPA TRACS and have had RO Writer for 12 years. We changed because TRACS was NAPA specific and RO Writer was supposed to handle any supplier. We've have had numerous crashes, updates, system upgrades, replaced all of our computers twice, replaced our network switches, had RO Writer support remote in many, many, many times, have spoken directly with the he Read more...
Direct-Shop IDENTIFIX - Gregory V Martin, Owner at GM Truck & Auto Service
The standard direct shop isn't very cool. You can't link it to your parts suppliers and so it's not a very good shop management program.I can't get Direct-Shop Elite in Ohio for some funky reason. Since I'v got it bundled with my-direct hit it's pretty cheap though.
MaxiSys 908CV Autel - Matt Herold, Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at Alldata
*****UPDATE***** THERE HAS BEEN MULTIPLE UPDATES SINCE THIS FIRST WRITTEN. I NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO GET INTO WHAT ALL WAS ADDED AND RECENTLY LEFT THAT SHOP, 07/09/18***** I haven't had as much time I wanted with this tool before I wrote this, but here is a thus far update. Read more...
Direct-Shop IDENTIFIX - Anthony Lallo, Shop Foreman/Owner at Lallos Automotive
Do not bother with this software. I got tired of the shopkey problems so I gave this a try. No free trial period so we bit the bullet and signed up for a year. They rush you to get it installed and then after they transferred data over and we were online and ready, no more contact no emails no phone calls to see how you like it. Well how do I like it? It sucks all the way around. If you have used alldata or shopkey you will be lost in this mess. Read more...