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ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Richard Morin, Owner at Motorcar Alternatives, LLC
My experience with ProDemand is largely good. I do have trouble finding things from time to time. The wiring diagrams are awesome. Anytime the info is not yet in the system I simply call in and within an hour it is emailed to me.
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Dean Crittenden, Owner at Crittenden's Garage
We have used Prodemand for years and have been satisfied with the product and services, I've only posted this to inform others reading this post that its possible the issues mentioned by the other posts may be a localized issue and not systemic
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - William Nabers, Shop Foreman/Technician at Carmax
I have Pro Demand available along with Alldata and Identifix.I ProDemand is the go to for wiring diagrams and the searchable OEM documents.Makes life a little better when you get your eyes on a bon fide SI doc and a readable wiring diagram.
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Mark J. Swank, Manager/Educator/Instructor at All Automotive
I had the same experience, found the product lacking, cumbersome and time consuming. I had the tech rep come and train us but it took him 20 minutes to write a simple RO with 1 item. Then they pulled the same bs. I threatened them and they buckled but I had written documentation of every meeting with notes about every promise and representation they had made. Rip Off report .com is the place to go, As well as your local small claims court. Every Read more...
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Michael Gagnon, Owner at Gagnons Tire and Auto Center
I started to try them out and when they faxed me the paper work I went with my gut and said BS .If you have enough faith in your product let me try it for free,it's not like it cost them anything for us to try it. If I were them I would have them insist we receive some kind of training, maybe 30 minutes worth.They let us try it, no contract.Having said that Alldata is not making me happy right now.
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Larry Pruitt, Owner at Precision Tune Auto Care
I would totally agree with everything Brian said in his review. The same thing happened to me as well. I was told that I have a month to decide whether my shop wanted to keep ProDemand or call and let them know we wanted to cancel. When I called to cancel I went through the same go around as Brian experience. They kept saying that I had signed a contract and that I could not get out of it...that it would continue for 2 years. My techs did no Read more...
Lower Control Arm Tool #6007 OTC - Gary Fetting, Technician/Manager at Mid-Thumb Automotive
I've always just used a big pry bar to move lower control arms. But now in my sixties and a one-man operation, I was considering shelling out $200+ for a fancy lower control arm tool when I came across the OTC #6007 for under $20. I thought, "what do I have to lose"? So I picked one up. It works really good. I use it with the OTC #7168 30" round pry bar (and sometimes a pipe on the end of that). It will fit and pry bar that has a max diameter of Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "6007 Lower Control Arm Tool by OTC").
D10/ACX Two Post Asymmetric Wide Lift Dannmar - Kevin Grilliot, Owner at K&M Imports Inc
10,000 pound Asynchronous lift. Purchased this lift through my parts distributor. Lift arrived via freight truck in a timely manner. Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "D10-ACX Lift by Danmar").
The Elevator Topside Creeper Nomad Manufacturing - Ken Horton, Owner at Ken's Garage
I purchased this product based on it's design. It has functionality other topside creepers do not The main benefit of this product is that it eliminates bending at the waist. With this design the user is totally horizontal while working. The model I bought is the Fold away ELEVATOR. The platform height can be raised to work over the top of a semi. The Fold away ELEVATOR is also a folding design for space saving. The NOMAD products are bui Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Nomad Topside Creeper by Nomad Manufacturing").
Maximus Matco Tools - Joseph Carri, Technician at Orr Auto
I had the Maximus 2.0 for two years, like anything there is pros and cons with this tool. I will start by saying the tablet is very attractive and feels economical. The obd1 adapters are very useful and come in a very well put together molded case. There is plenty of add ons that make this tool powerful, like a bore scope, oscilloscope, sensor box and battery tester. That being said this tool has absolutely zero support! Matco can not help with a Read more...