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Mentor Touch Scout Mac Tools - Ryan Petrukovich, Shop Foreman at Lakes and Rivers Contracting
Tool is ok, Does everything i would ever need and more. It is VERY slow though. Being my first "real" scan tool it got my foot in the door. after purchasing it i told myself i will never buy another OTC scanner again. that being said. buy this from OTC and save yourself some money. I would only buy from the mac guy if you are uncomfortable buying items like this online.
LoadPro100 Matco Tools - Brian Farmer, Technician at Performance Motors
This tool has fixed 5 cars that other techs failed to find the issue due to testing voltage on an open circuit. The most impressive find was for a Jaguar XJ6 cooling fan motor. Relay would click and the fan would not turn on. Checked voltage at fan connector using fan ground and that check showed 12.6v. Press the LoadPro button and the voltage dropped to 0V. Moved the ground lead to the chassis and got the same result = Issue is on the power side Read more...
LoadPro100 Matco Tools - Sean Van Horn, Owner/Technician at Red's Auto Rehab
I purchased this load tester several months ago when the dealer showed it to me, but forgot I even had it until last night, when I wanted to load test a sensor ground circuit. I followed the instructions, and it has you use it with a multimeter, and when testing ground, hook the ground lead to the circuit being tested, then measure at a +12v fuse, or battery terminal. I tested it at the battery terminal, and depressed the button for 10 seconds to Read more...
26pc Universal Press and Pull Sleeve Kit For Bushings 8milelake - William Pupo, Owner/Technician at Eddie's Auto Repair Inc
Just to have all the size cups the kit offers is worth the cost. I have only used them in the press, so I do not have feed back on how the forcing screws will hold up. But the cups are all heavy duty and the case seams to be well made. From amazon listing: 26pc Universal Press and Pull Sleeve Kit For the removal and installation of bushes / bearings and seals etc. Fully universal applications on both cars and LCV Contents - 22 x Press Sleeves Read more...
ProDemand Mitchell 1 - Brian Nigoff, Owner/Service Advisor at Brian's Bluegrass Automotive
Wish I would have listened to my gut and/or read all the negative complaints before I even talked to these guys. I was cold called by a salesman from Mitchell1 to tell me about Prodemand, their automotive information website. The salesman told me clearly that there was no obligation to buy, and I had 90 days to try the service to decide if I liked it. The salesman's pitch included a statement that their product is superior to the other serv Read more...
Mentor Touch Scout Mac Tools - Brian Haskell Jr, Owner/Technician at Brians Auto
I love mine had a few hick ups when i first got it but love it now its my go to. fast friendly easy to use wifi direct connect to i dentifix mitchell and all data, get tool for fast diagnostics.
Molded Coolant Hose Gates - Marlin Good, Owner/Technician at Cascade Automotive Repair and Services, Inc.
Generally acceptable to great fit, but not reliable enough to depend on in unfamiliar applications. Quality is fair, but they definitely do not have the life span of most OE hoses. They are generally acceptable for older vehicle with fairly short life expectancy.
DriveAlign Idler Pulleys Gates - Marlin Good, Owner/Technician at Cascade Automotive Repair and Services, Inc.
These pulleys are very hit and miss on quality, primarily based on bearing quality. The actual pulleys are of good quality regardless of whether a good quality or low quality bearing is installed. They do usually fit acceptably well, so that helps.
1/8" x 3" Double End Drill Point The Original Rescue Bit - Justin Hartman, Consultant/Technician at Jackson's Auto Care
Let me start off by stating that I almost never review anything, but THIS TOOL REQUIRES YOUR ATTENTION. I bought it directly from the company through their website. Shipping was prompt. It is very seldom that I find something that works as well as advertised, as well as I need it to, and surprises me with its effectiveness. This tool does all of that. I used this on an exhaust stud in the cylinder head on a Ford V10. The extraction attempt had Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Rescue Bit by Rescue Bit").
Maximus Matco Tools - Tony Todd, Technician/Shop Foreman at Hemann Automotive
This is not a very good scanner. Had one for a year or two. We had to send it in 2 times for screen problems. Autel scanner is way better . maxisys elite is what I'm using now and I love this thing!